Friday, December 23, 2016

Stunning Santa Barbara Sunsets

 Santa Barbara Sunset 5 days before Christmas | Image - @deepseawine 

DECEMEBER 23, 2016

| santa barbara sunsets

Did you see the stunning sunset in Montecito and Santa Barbara on Wednesday night? What a glorious pacific coast mood-setter to kick off the Christmas celebrations. This week we decided to show off Santa Barbara's breath-taking sunsets with you in case you missed it. Another reason to live the Montecito Lifestyle. This is how we celebrate winter nights in the holidays this year...

  Butterfly Beach, Montecito CA - Violet, Pink, Orange & Indigo Hues | Image - @alexfrenchman

  Butterfly Beach, Montecito CA - Winter Sunsets | Image - @gjohanson8

Pacific Coast in all her beauty by the Bacara Resort & Spa | Image - @bacararesortsb

Gorgeous Sunset at the Mission - The Queen all dressed up for Christmas | Image @r_cashsb

Stunning winter sunsets before Christmas, another reason to live the Montecito Lifestyle. Click here to contact Susn Pate or visit 

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