Friday, December 2, 2016

Ivanka Trump #WomenWhoWork

"No matter how poorly I perform, I will come home and my kids will not love me any less and my husband will love me just as much"                        - Ivanka Trump -

decEMBER 1, 2016

Ivanka Trump

In addition to leading the Trump Organization alongside her brothers and co-­founding Trump Hotels, one of the fastest growing luxury hotel companies in the world, Ivanka Trump is the founder and CEO of her eponymous fashion brand and, the ultimate destination for women who work. “I want to inspire and empower women to architect lives that they love, lives that are uniquely their own and not based on the expectations of anyone other than themselves,” she says. Recognizing that we each define success differently, Ivanka has built a large community of thought­-leaders from all industries and spheres of influence in order to share their diverse viewpoints, skills and expertise and equip the modern professional woman to be her best self.

Of Ivanka’s many roles, she considers “mom” to be her most important and challenging. “Raising a daughter, I hope that she grows up to feel empowered to do anything that her brothers can do and to relentlessly pursue her dreams,” she says. “I hope that my sons grow up to be in touch with the sides of their personality that have previously been considered more feminine—that they’re great husbands like their father and they’re great siblings and they’re sensitive and loving and caring, in addition to being driven and passionate and ambitious. That’s what I wish for my children along with health and happiness.”

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