Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Where are Americans Living the Longest - and Why?

Discover the Fountain of Youth in Santa Barbara

So recently this article was released and is spreading through social networks illustrating that the Santa Barbara and Montecito Lifestyle literally is the location that Americans are living the longest, but let's find out why...

Those hoping to live to a ripe, old age (while getting a sweet tan) might want to think about moving to Santa Barbara.

Residents of the coastal California city seem to have discovered the fountain of youth, living to an average 84.4 years, according to government data analyzed in a recent Journal of the American Medical Association paper on life expectancy.

Could Santa Barbara’s dominance be a result of its affluent residents having access to better health care? Not as much as you’d think, says one of the authors of the report, Raj Chetty, a Stanford University economics professor.

“It’s much more associated with healthy behaviors … [such as] less smoking, higher rates of exercise, and lower obesity,” Chetty says. Yet wealth is indeed a key factor in the analysis, which looked at income as well as longevity.

Chetty suggests that wealthier and better-educated inhabitants tend to promote more health-conscious policies and cultures, which benefit the greater community

“Smoking bans and bans of trans fats affect the health of the entire population,” he notes.
Portland, ME, was next on the longevity list, with its inhabitants reaching a mean 84.3 years. Maybe all that fresh New England air promotes an outdoorsy lifestyle? Or could it be those delicious lobsters?
It was followed by Spokane, WA, at 84.2 years. Those calling Eugene, OR, home typically made it to 84 years.

Residents of yet another Golden State city, Santa Rosa, rounded out the top five. Those living in the city, about an hour north of San Francisco, had a mean lifespan of nearly 83.9 years.
California’s focus on healthier lifestyles, with an abundance of fresh and organic foods, likely plays a part, says longevity expert Alexis Abramson, who has a doctorate in gerontology.
“The keys to longevity are keeping your mind and body active, staying very socialized and engaged with community and work,” she says. “It’s [also] extremely important you have the financial wherewithal to support yourself.”

But those seeking longer lives don’t necessarily need to pack up all their worldly possessions and hire a moving van. Instead, they should try to destress and make a little time for themselves, Abramson says. Eating right and getting enough exercise are also important.
Periodically leave behind the hustle and bustle “and breathe,” she says.

Top 10 cities with the longest life spans
1. Santa Barbara, CA (84.4)
2. Portland, ME (84.3)
3. Spokane, WA (84.2)
4. Eugene, OR (84)
5. Santa Rosa, CA (83.9)
7. Madison, WI (83.8)
9. Grand Rapids, MI (83.8)
10. Providence, RI (83.8)

There you have it, evidence shows that living the Montecito Lifestyle literally makes you live longer. Interested in living the Santa Barbara and Montecito Lifestyle? For more information on the Montecito Luxury Real Estate Market click here to contact Susan Pate or visit MontecitoLifestyle.com.

** Article and photo courtesy of Realtor.com and written by Claire Trappaso.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

On the Move!

The future of real estate has arrived in Santa Barbara...

I'm delighted to share that I've recently joined the Compass team to support the launch of its first west coast office in Montecito, California. Compass is an innovative real estate brokerage that combines exceptional agents with best-in-class technology to make the process of buying and selling a property both smart and seamless.

Why Compass?

The expansion of Compass to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara comes less than two months after the company’s latest $50 million funding round, led by Institutional Venture Partners, which has investments in leading technology companies including Dropbox, Kayak, Snapchat and Twitter. The round, which brings total capital raised to $125 million, also included new investments from existing key investors including Thrive Capital, Kenneth Chenault, CEO of American Express and Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce.com, and more.

As real estate evolves, we as agents are fortunate to have options—in terms of brokerage style, the tools with which we conduct our business, and the ways we connect with clients. It is my belief that Compass is building the future of real estate, and I feel more confident than ever in my ability to provide you with smarter, more exceptional service as a member of this progressive company.

My updated contact information is below. Let's stay in touch and let me know if I can help you with any of your real estate needs.

Warm Regards,

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Perfect Woman.

Letting go of being the Perfect Woman...


was inspired by this post of wise women sharing advice to the next generation encouraging women to, "Let Go"! There is so much pressure on women today. With the shift in the technological age we have the means to compare our every move with the click of a button. ​With such means, we've created pressure to BE the perfect mother, the perfect spouse, the perfect boss and the perfect friend. There's enormous pressure To BE successful in every aspect of BEING a woman. 

But what do we define as success? These women share that if they could do life all over again, what would they do differently? What would you do differently?

Success is not just achieving or constantly doing something, it's a state of BEING. If we stop and listen to our predecessors, we would hear them say you are NOT a human DOING but a human BEING! Therefore relax, let go, take in the precious moments life presents and lean in with all of your BEING because life goes by so quickly, before you know it will be over. Take time for yourself and let go of the pressure to perform as the PERFECT woman, because the reality is, this is the PERFECT LIE. There is no such thing as being the PERFECT woman. She does not exist! She lies in whispers from the media, saying you need to look like this to be successful, likable, popular and the perfect woman. However 98% of woman do NOT look like they do in magazines and even these woman have been graphically modified and Photoshop enhanced to be something they're not. 

Success as these woman have described comes down to embracing those around you, enjoying the relationships closest to you, being at peace with the world and not getting caught up in a to-do-list. Listen to their wise words that beg the question, "What I wouldn't give...to extend those goodnight kisses instead of complaining because I had to get up early in the morning... to 5 more minutes on the dance floor while my legs were still strong enough to carry me..." 

Take time to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. Interested in living the Santa Barbara and Montecito Lifestyle where golf, sunshine and world-class wine is apart of everyday? For more information on the Montecito Luxury Real Estate Market click here to contact Susan Pate or visit MontecitoLifestyle.com.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Masters: SunSport reveals five golfers to watch in Augusta

From cooky Bubba to sassy Reed

The Masters tees off today as last year’s winner Jordan Spieth looks to win a second green jacket. But the American will not find it easy, with the likes of Jason Day and Rory McIlroy looking to upset the defending champion. Here, SunSport picks out five more to watch in Augusta.


You'd be whacky not to back Bubba Watson              
Photo credit: Getty Images 

CRAZY as a coot but he can certainly play and Augusta lends itself perfectly to his shot-making magic. Won in 2012 and 2014 after finishing second at Doral. The world No 4 finished runner-up in the event last month and won the Northern Trust Open. ODDS: 12-1

Friday, April 1, 2016

Santa Barbara // World Class Real Estate & Legendary Golf

When you think of Santa Barbara, most people probably think sunny warm beaches, old Spanish homes with glorious views or red tile rooftops lining the downtown corridor. Coming from the competitive golfing family that we are, we think golf. 

Some of the finest golfers, both PGA and Amateur, made their home in Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara has donated to the golf world Al Geiberger, also known as "Mr. 59" who was the first person to shoot 59 in a professional tournament, 11 PGA wins, 11 Champions Tour wins, Buddy Allin (10/13/44-3/10/07) also a Pate Family relative, with 5 PGA wins, Sammy Randolph, 3 time, first-team All American with 13 collegiate wins, US Amateur, California Masters Tournament, winner Bank of Boston Classic ’87. www.SamRandolphGolf.com. 

And our personal favorite, Steve Pate, with 6 PGA Tour wins, 1 Nationwide Tour win, and our most proud, two-time Ryder Cup Team Member ’91 and ’99 GO championship golf is being ensured by one of its own, Steve Pate, who wrote his name into the La Costa history book by winning the 1988 Tournament of Champions. Steve, now an emerging golf architect partnered with acclaimed course designer Damian Pascuzzo, is a key figure in the trio of visionaries who have completely renovated 18 holes at the La Costa Resort into the new Champions Course at La Costa (formerly the North Course). 

Santa Barbara offers so many beautiful venues to tee it up: La Purisima, par 72, just up the coast in Lompoc; Twin Lakes, par 9 executive course with state of the art practice equipment www.twinlakesgolf.com, under the direction of PGA Professional Don Parsons; Santa Barbara Golf Club, a public course, and the views do not get much better than Sandpiper Golf Club, par 72 with many spectacular view holes; Glen Annie Golf Course, par 71; a hidden gem just 15 miles north on Highway 154 sits Ranch San Marcos, par 71, bring your field glasses, you might see deer, turkey, bobcat; and several incredible private clubs including La Cumbre Country Club, par 71, designed by William Bell, Jr., Birnam Wood Golf Club, par 70, designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr.; Montecito Country Club, the club where John and Steve Pate learned the game, par 71, designed by Max Behr and world renowned Valley Club of Montecito, par 72 designed by Dr. Alister Mackenzie. department. Watch for up and coming JuniorGolfer,Matthew Pate, who at the old age of 12 is a two-time winner Southern California Golf Association Parent Junior Tournament. OK, so John Pate helped him out a bit…Go Santa Barbara!

Interested in living the Santa Barbara and Montecito Lifestyle? For more information on the Montecito Luxury Real Estate Market click here to contact Susan Pate or visit MontecitoLifestyle.com.