Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Perfect Woman.

Letting go of being the Perfect Woman...


was inspired by this post of wise women sharing advice to the next generation encouraging women to, "Let Go"! There is so much pressure on women today. With the shift in the technological age we have the means to compare our every move with the click of a button. ​With such means, we've created pressure to BE the perfect mother, the perfect spouse, the perfect boss and the perfect friend. There's enormous pressure To BE successful in every aspect of BEING a woman. 

But what do we define as success? These women share that if they could do life all over again, what would they do differently? What would you do differently?

Success is not just achieving or constantly doing something, it's a state of BEING. If we stop and listen to our predecessors, we would hear them say you are NOT a human DOING but a human BEING! Therefore relax, let go, take in the precious moments life presents and lean in with all of your BEING because life goes by so quickly, before you know it will be over. Take time for yourself and let go of the pressure to perform as the PERFECT woman, because the reality is, this is the PERFECT LIE. There is no such thing as being the PERFECT woman. She does not exist! She lies in whispers from the media, saying you need to look like this to be successful, likable, popular and the perfect woman. However 98% of woman do NOT look like they do in magazines and even these woman have been graphically modified and Photoshop enhanced to be something they're not. 

Success as these woman have described comes down to embracing those around you, enjoying the relationships closest to you, being at peace with the world and not getting caught up in a to-do-list. Listen to their wise words that beg the question, "What I wouldn't extend those goodnight kisses instead of complaining because I had to get up early in the morning... to 5 more minutes on the dance floor while my legs were still strong enough to carry me..." 

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