Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ivanka Trump, Real Estate Mogul & Mother Inspires Women

As women, we have the challenge of taking on a number of identities or roles such as mother, wife or career person. But what is the best way to decide how to divide our time between business and family? Ivanka Trump inspires working mothers how to best spend their time for the road to success in both personal and professional spheres. 

IVANKA TRUMP | Interview by Fortune Magazine

Ivanka shares how to best spend and leverage your time for the most productive outcome:
"My life is architected around priorities that I've set for myself...My priorities are family first. That doesn't mean that I'm not extremely driven or focused." She emphasizes the importance of organization and honestly asking herself at the end of her day, "Was I with my kids when they needed me? Or was that business meeting necessary for me to attend?" 
Her company reflects the workplace emphasis shift in our society from hours-in-the-office to productivity, performance and results. This recognizes the flexibility needed for women in the work place and provides a place for them to thrive. 

As women in the workplace, there's also this nagging pressure to always be choosing between work or family and with that comes a plate of guilt on the side, no matter what we choose. We need to let ourselves off the hook and see that we're accomplishing a lot by having both a family and job in the first place. And instead of choosing one or the other, you choose both, because they are both important to having a happy, healthy and balanced you. 

I relate to Ivanka's inspirational words as a mother-of-two and luxury real estate professional of twenty-four years. Balancing my real estate business and family has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences of my life. Like Ivanka, I don't compartmentalize my life, but rather what has helped me tremendously over the years is remaining fluid with my clients and becoming a master at leveraging my time for others. 

 SUSAN PATE | Realtor with Village Properties
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