Thursday, November 19, 2015

Give Thanks . Give Back . Lifeline 4 Paws

"Our biggest satisfaction is seeing a broken, neglected dog transform into a beautiful, healthy, happy pet living in a home." 
 CHRIS HOGAN | executive director | Lifeline 4 Paws
A dog maybe a man's best friend, but when it comes to sick and injured canines, their best friend maybe Lifeline 4 Paws. A non-profit established and supported by the Hogan Family Foundation in Newbury Park, Lifeline 4 Paws works with more than 100 dog rescue groups and veterinarian teams to sponsor medical procedures and treatments for all dog breeds. 

Lifeline started out in 2004 as a traditional small-breed rescue organization, says executive director Chris Hogan. "We placed about 40 dogs," she says, "but then we started to wonder, 'Isn't there a way we can do more?' " The foundation had the funding, while other groups had the large volunteer pool. "We thought we could partner with them and sponsor surgery [for injured dogs]", says Hogan. "Then they could place them, it would be a good fit." 

Indeed it has been. Since 2007, Lifeline has helped more than 2300 dogs, working locally with Westie Rescue of Orange County & Beyond, Camp Cocker Rescue, and SAFE Animal Rescue. In the last few years, in partnership with other groups, Lifeline has expanded it's vision to cover free spray and neutering programs to help prevent unwanted litters. It has also partnered with organizations to offer humane education classes, which help kids learn about compassion to animals and give them first hand contact with animals. As for the future, "Our biggest hope is what every rescuer hopes: that there's no need for animal rescue." Written by Kelly Kirlin from

Enjoy this short video clip below that will bring warmth to this Thanksgiving Season. 

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