Thursday, January 23, 2014

A bright idea!

Not liking the light that shines onto my face from those new corkscrew bulbs, I have been doing some investigations into lightbulbs....and I have found a winner!

The GE Energy Smart LED technology 60 watt replacement bulbs, Item Number 69058. The brightness is 800 lumens (it's soft and bright) these bulbs are dimmable, instant on and mercury free! Each bulb will last 13.7 years and they calculate that on 3 hours use each day.

The downside: They sell at Orchard Supply Hardware for, don't faint, $17.99 each bulb. So to outfit my vanity mirror in my bathroom it took $60.00 worth of bulbs.

I just replaced all three old/new cork screw bulbs with the Energy Smart LEDs and...voila, I look 20 again!  Now, how to carry this light with me throughout the day???

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